Sunday, March 27, 2011

We Lived Alone: Connie Converse & I - A Documentary

Dear humans, human-looking creatures who really have robot hearts, and androids who do and do not dream of electric sheep:

In the midst of my settling into the BK, I just wanted to let you know about a current project I am very excited about!  It's taken some time to get into motion, but some awesome steps have been taken!  

I have started researching a virtually unknown singer-songwriter from the 1950s named Connie Converse.  Connie Converse found herself in Pete Seeger’s circle, but never quite gained the fame she deserved.  She was insightful, but isolated.  Her songs were haunting, beautiful, witty, and deeply personal.  Faced with a need for major surgery in 1974, Connie packed up her Volkswagen beetle and drove off to start a new life, leaving only letters of goodbye.  Connie’s story could be expanded into a few different directions, from a study of the ins and outs of fame and the music industry of her time to a much deeper story about the relationship between creativity and loneliness.  I want to weave her haunting recordings and others’ interpretations of her songs with video footage to tell her story in a dynamic way.  Although I do not claim to have her massive talent, I feel that Connie Converse and I are soul sisters across time and I would like to document my journey of finding Connie Converse but also, in the process, offer a very blunt and real self-discovery. 

In May I will be going to Michigan to interview her brother Phil and sister-in-law, Jean.  They're wonderful people and I can't wait to learn more about Connie!  My crew and I must make this trip now as Phil and his wife are well into their 80s and I don't want to keep them hanging.  

Over the next month, I hope to hold a couple of events to raise awareness (and perhaps some cash to fund the trip, including the rental of some decent camera equipment).  I'm thinking open mics, parties, bar nights, and various other fun artsy times.

I am looking for:
 - event space ideas
 - bars
 - bands
 - filmmakers
 - performers
- enthusiastic go-getters 
who would like to collaborate on an event, or even the project itself.

Leave a comment if you know any takers! Well, in this case...givers.

Thanks for reading if you did,
Lock That Door Productions

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Superreggie said...

good luck with that. I'm a super-fan of Connie.