Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hey everyone, you've all been hearing about DIFFERENT THINGS, and now it's time you can finally watch it... without starting and stopping and all that rigamarole.

DIFFERENT THINGS is the movie that Kati and I made for the Campus Movie Fest. We had one week to make a short film up to 5 minutes long.

Rate it on the CampusMovie Fest website here:

Watch, rate, and comment as much as your little hearts desire.

Thanks to Hannah, Matt, Ben, Noah, Amanda, Cora, Michael, Julia, and ESPECIALLY KATI! Look out for the next installment of More Walking, Fewer Transfer's upcoming films! Wish us luck on the Regionals! They're May 2nd and hosted by Judah Friedlander. ALSO JOIN US THE WEEK BEFORE THE GRAND FINALE AT A FREE SCREENING OF OUR FILM ALONG WITH ALL THE OTHER WINNERS IN THE "NORTHERN REGION." KATI AND I WILL BE THERE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS FROM THE AUDIENCE!