Friday, March 11, 2011

Can't is the cancer of happen.

First thing's first: no, I don't think Charlie Sheen is crazy.  Do I think that he did/does have a drug problem?  Yes.  Are his actions toward women questionable?  Yes.  But I think that he knows exactly what he's doing.  Did you see the Charlie Sheen cooking show?  He's just tapping into a bunch of contemporary internet humor veins: Chuck Norris, machetes, "warlock, troll, tigerblood" vocabulary, hashtags (#WINNING is the counterpart to #FAIL and he even says #EPIC).  He is fitting in right with this generation.  We love to be confused by celebrities and we love "crazy" people.  I'm not saying he's Joaquin Phoenixing and completely pretending, I'm saying he's Hunter S. Thompsoning.  He may be "unstable" and doing drugs, but he sure is entertaining and eerily articulate in his rants.  I don't feel bad for him.  My bro-on-law made a good suggestion for his kids: he should send them away until they're 16 with a very nice, normal family and then come back and say, "Hey, I'm your dad. I didn't want you all screwed up.  By the way, your college is paid for in full by my tigerblood."

Paul Crik has been making videos for his campaign called "Killin' it," which seems similar to "WINNING."  So I asked him about it and this is what he said:

Winning and Killin are like neighbors on the same caribbean island; different styles and different values in the home, but the overall attitude of making your view of yourself more important than what other people think is the same. Winning It.

Moving on.  I chose the title of this post because I believe it!  I've been a can't-er for a long time, but in the past few months I basically said F-THAT.  And now I'm moving back to New York City.  More specifically Brooklyn.  Even more specifically Williamsburg.  With a pretty cool roommate.  And I will be working at NBC.  In 30 Rock. I know, I'm still absorbing all of this information.  Just waiting on that grad school acceptance...

This May I'm going to Michigan to interview Connie Converse's brother with a couple of friends (ie my production crew).  We've even gotten a UMich film student on board to be our videographer.  Stay tuned for ways you can help our cause!  We only need a few hundred dollars to rent decent camera and sound equipment.  I'm going to try and partner up with a few of my favorite local businesses to raise some funds.

Project positivity and it will all happen.  There's nothing wrong with things going right.



That Drummer Guy said...

After doing my best to ignore the Sheen hubbub I did break down and watch the cooking bit. It IS sadly funny but also kind of pointless. He may be emulating HST but has yet to display the wit and taste of Hunter. He's like the Johnny Depp version of Gene Wilder's version of Willy Wonka. While Charlie likes to smoke crack with porn stars (and don't we all?) HST sipped Chivas with a purpose and wrote scathingly accurate profiles of major public figures. I'm not sure what Charlie's purpose is.

Zeld said...

I do not think that he is at all close to HST in talent or purpose, I'm just saying that that's more what he's doing than a) being on an uncontrollable psychotic break or b) pretending to be crazy. Just to make it clear: I DO NOT THINK he is a genius by any means, he's just a funny guy. Maybe Charlie's purpose is that he has no purpose except just to keep pushing things as far as he can? He's WINNING in the fact that he just doesn't give a shit and he's having his fun while we're all watching and judging. Should he give a shit? Well, that's not really for us to say. We're not him. If he ever kills anyone or kills himself, that will be the true test. I hope he doesn't kill anyone, as that would disprove my theory (and would be a genuine tragedy). And I hope he doesn't commit suicide, just like I was disappointed that HST did.

Also, do most internet videos that are funny have a point other than to entertain? See
There's no point to it other than to be ridiculous.

Zeld said...

Also, think of all the drug addicts we as a country have emulated over the years. He's doing similar things, only right in front of our eyes in real time as opposed to generations of young people reading about it later and romanticizing it. Granted, he hasn't written anything of importance, but that's not what our culture values anymore (very unfortunately). It's more about digital presence these days. And he's kind of exposing the truth behind the "lovable" drug addict, although I don't think that's intentional. They're haggard, kind of sad, selfish, destructive, etc.