Thursday, June 12, 2008

I've Made Up My Miiiiiiind...

...Don't try and tell me otherwise! I can't keep from talkin' 'bout these guys.

These are a couple NYC musicians that must be recognized. Before Washington Square Park was in disrepair, Feral Foster and Frank Hoier, were often found in their own musical world under one of the cozy tree spots. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Feral Foster on the edge of the fountain one day and he asked to borrow my pen. I let him keep it. Feral Foster is a raggedy-haired, passionately gruff belter and Frank Hoier croons like a bird. One evening my friends and I sat with Feral and Frank and enjoyed a sing-a-long. I've been following their careers ever since. At the Sidewalk Cafe, the home of Anti-Folk, The F's are often found. One time I went there and Feral did a fantastic version of the classic "John Henry." They both have great respect for traditional and new folk/blues/bluegrass/etc and put their own fascinating spin on it. Frank's song "Jesus Don't Give Tax Breaks to the Rich" was featured on some new political song list created by Neil Young.

The "41st Street Blues" are fantastic. My favorite lines are:

You're ridin' downtown in that old wheelchair,

But I can't stop starin' at your pretty brown hair!

You look good to me, you look good to me

Oh, ou look good to me and I hope you like me, too

Here's and interesting live version:

Frank & Feral:

Feral's rendition of "Orange Blossom Special":

Alright, had to get that out of my system. Hasta luego.

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