Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I might get season tickets.  I'm in the mood. Luhhhh me some live 'n' rowdy basketball games!

It's really funny to go from working/living at a school that has absolutely no significant athletic teams (*cough* Fighting Violets *cough*) to a college that is D1 in every sport.  If only you could combine the two. "A good school with good professors but also fun and laid back and not full of snobbery," as my friend Meg says.

Socially-aware, poetic artists who are also tough, sports-playing, boisterous, mud-in-the-face types.  Girls who can explain the different theories of capitalism and wear literary t-shirts but who can also hit a three.  Guys who tweet their own prose poems and have a "thing" for Truffoat but also can work the fast break.

There's a reason why it doesn't exist, but for right now I'd like to be left in thoughts of my own little utopia.

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