Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Top Zumba Tunes

For those of you who would like some examples of the different kinds of music found in a typical Zumba class, this post is for you. Here are my top 5 current favorites...

5. I really like this song and the dance that goes with it, but I really like the thoughtful pink lyrics that the video maker felt the need to include even more.

4. Ignore the lame moves. This is the only correct version of the song I could find. Our moves of course are WAY hotter...and more fun.

3. Pitbull has some catchy, dirty, dirty beats. This might be my favorite dance. I like the "we're hot, we're hot" move, to be demonstrated only in class or to my closest most personal friends.

2. Pitbull is not an attractive man.

Call me a sap, but this is my all-time first and forever favorite. It was my "gateway" song into the world of Zumba, if you will. Plus I like the part about dancing in the middle of June, which happens to be my month of birth.

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