Monday, September 13, 2010

Sometimes I'll be driving and think I'm someone else

I feel the extreme need to give LFO some airtime in this bloggy.  The main member, Rich Cronin, just died from leukemia.  Which sucks.  That's all I can say, it really sucks.  I stood by LFO through both albums.  Even when Rich Cronin was in Operation: Man Band.  As a child when I listened to a couple of the later tracks such as "I Will Show You Mine" on their self-titled, I felt like I was listening to a secret because it was so outright dirty.  I actually didn't really even know exactly what they were talking about,  but I just knew it was good stuff.  Sitting on the rope swing with my neon green cd player, alternating between LFO and O-Town.  Wow, what a memory.  LFO's second album is more uplifting.  In the title track, "Life is Good" the group sounds so happy that they're almost angry as they sing LIFE IS GOOD.  LIFE IS GREAT. LIFE IS UNBELIEVABLE.  Their raspy Boston affected hip-hop voices probably contribute to this, and I love it.  

Many fond memories are attached to listening to Life is Good while cruising around near Lake Champlain with my friend and her brother.  In fact, I think a huge bonding moment for us was admitting to each other that we still listened to the cd, even as seniors in high school.  I think we were the only ones we knew who even knew the album existed.  One of my friend and I's greatest victories is getting her macho brother to sing the baritone line, and da wheels on da bus go 'round during that should-have-been hit, "28 Days."  I'm pretty sure my friend got two or three speeding tickets from being all caught up in the infamous saga about being holed up livin' in da bodega detailed in "Alayna."  What better time to croon unknown wannabe hip hop boy band melodies than while speeding through the winding roads of upstate New York.

And, naysayers, I'm sorry, but "Dandelion" has some good ideas.  What a metaphor!

I met LFO at an FYE in our local mall.  I bragged about it for years.

No, the title of this post has nothing to do with the content.

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