Monday, September 6, 2010

A Friend's Concern and Proposed Solution.

i just watched your tatoo videos.  very cool.  here's my only question though.  are you not concerned that now that you have a whale on your right foot, when you try to swim, your right foot will be so much stronger that you will only go in counter-clockwise circles?  that's what i would be worried about.

A few hours later...

alright, i've pondered this and here's what i came up with.  the sperm whale has an arch-nemesis in the person of the giant squid - that mysterious creature which has  never actually been seen alive until only just a few years ago.  the battles between these two beasts are epic.  perhaps if you got a giant squid on the other foot, when the two came together in the water, they would fight against each other with such ferocity as to propel you forward at speeds heretofore unknown to man.
also, by way of coincidence, i learned today that the sperm whale has a 9 foot long penis.  (i learned this on a british quiz show, lest you get any ideas).


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